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Depending on the application labels can be made from a variety of materials ranging from a basic paper to sophisticated filmics. Adhesives can vary in strength depending on the application, and can include freezer proof and tamper-evident. When we know what you need to achieve we can advise on the most cost effective solution. Short run labels or Thousands as required

Some typical applications are as follows, but please see below for more details of various types of labels.

Paper - outer box labels, decorative product labels, retail barcode labels.
Vinyls - Warning labels, product labels for outdoor use, rating labels.
Polyesters - Rating labels for more demanding applications.
Metalon - thicker than most labels, very high quality.
Security materials - designed to show evidence of tampering, see below for details.

Decorative labels
These are labels which are typically used to enhance your product, and are often colourful or eyecatching in some way, sometimes including metallic foil. Can be paper or more durable labels depending on the application, and will often include a company logo.


Rating labels
This is the type of label often found on the back of a product giving information about the product. It may contain serial numbers or sequential barcodes. As this will need to last for the life of the product we would often use a polyester material, usually overlaminated for print protection.


Asset labels
Asset labels are usually numbered and barcoded, for keeping track of a companies fixed assets, often made from security materials (see below).


Security labels
Security labels are designed to show evidence of tampering if the label has been subject to attempted removal. In the first type the label is made of a fragile material with a very strong adhesive and breaks up into small pieces. In the second type the adhesive reveals a pattern such as the word VOID in the label and left behind on the product.


Mark and seal labels
If you need to apply information to the label at the point of use, but also need a durable and hard wearing label then this is the answer. A laminated label, but with the backing paper left on part of the laminate, you can write on the labels and then remove the backing paper and complete the lamination. This means that the whole label, including your written information, has the protective benefit of the laminate.


Serial numbered labels
Used for a variety of purposes we can provide numbered labels as stand alone labels, or serial numbers can be incorporated as part of a larger label. Sequential barcodes can also be included. For advanced applications we can number in Hexadecimal or even read random information from a data file supplied by the customer.


Window labels
These are labels designed to be stuck inside a window and viewed from the outside. Typical applications include Parking Permits, Shop Windows, Car Dealers, Tourist Attractions etc. These labels can be numbered if needed, and printed on both sides.


Bar code labels
Becoming increasingly popular for a variety of uses, barcodes can be incorporated into almost any label, from simple paper retail codes to complex applications on rating plates. We have a wide experience with barcodes, and can advise on the best solution for your particular application. As this can be confusing for the new user please feel free to ask for advice.


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